Dealbreaker Facial Hair

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27. D.C. Skier and snowboarder. Heathen. Tourettes. No, seriously.

Love movies. In love with animated movies. Infatuated with bad movies. Kubrick is a golden god.

I follow people who live near me (for the local flavor), I know in real life (to keep it real), work in TV (to network all day erraday), or just generally kick ass (because duh).

p.s. This is what a wack stupid little tufty beard looks like.

Sartre said, "Hell is other people." So is heaven.

"I hate clean, orderly countries where everything works. I like hot, messy, passionate countries that are barely keeping their shit together."

23rd March 12

Anthony Bourdain (via soupsoup)

Ehhh… I prefer the Israel route: A hot, messy, passionate country where everything works despite the fact that Tel Aviv was built on sand.

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